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DynaWare España, S.L.
Business Opportunity: Affiliate Referal Program
Spain / DynaWare España, S.L.

DynaWare is a business process consulting firm, supported by TI.
Developer of the Enterprise Operated System (EOS) denominated Dy...
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Solutions for Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence: Patents, Market, Enviroment, Competitors, Partners, Regulations
Spain / e-intelligent

e-Intelligent , spin-off company created on 2002, is the outcome of the hard work of a multiskilled team with large experience in ...
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Eneso Tecnología de Adaptación S.L.
Software and Hardware for people with disabilities
Spain / Eneso Tecnología de Adaptación S.L.

Eneso is sited in Malaga, Spain, and develops solutions based in new technologies (hardware and software) for people with disabili...
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Open Innovation Manager

Ericsson is a multinational Telco supplier with headquarters at Sweden and with presence in more than 120 countries.
With more ...
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CTMS (Cloud Thinking Management System)
Spain / Erisis

Erisis is a social innovation company aiming to promote spreading of solar energy by providing technological solutions contributi...
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ETICOM - Asociacion Andaluza de Empresas IT
Spain / ETICOM

The Association of Information Technologies and Communications of Andalusia, ETICOM is the Andalusian sector employers Information...
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Exhibition center of RAS
Russian Federation / Exhibition center of RAS

Exhibition Center of the RAS engages in preparing and carrying out expositions presenting some completed studies and most interest...
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Felguera Tecnologías de la Información S.A.
Technologies aplied to Logistics
Spain / Felguera Tecnologías de la Información S.A.

Felguera Tecnologías de la Información is a company sited in Asturias and belongs to Duro Felguera Industrial Group.
Felguera T...
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Formacion y Soluciones Informaticas EFIBS S.A.
Offshore Software Development in Costa Rica
Costa Rica / Formacion y Soluciones Informaticas EFIBS S.A.

We are a software development company with 8 years of experience and offices in Costa Rica (main office), Spain and Mexico. 25 emp...
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France Telecom
Innovation - Orange Spain
Spain / France Telecom

- Geographical location in 2220 countries
- 210 Mill. customer
- 150 mill mobile customers
- 60 mill. fixed customers...
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Full On-Net
Telco Services / Cloud Computing / Mobility / I+D
Spain / Full On-Net

Full On-Net is an IT outsourcing company in charge of projects related to telco services development and technical consultancy, We...
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High Performance Computing, 3D Render, Ansys Engineering Modelling and Cloud Computing Services

The Murcia Science Park Foundation (FPCMur) is a non profit making organization located in Espinardo (Murcia) that performs a role...
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Fundación CEDETEL
WiLoct (Real Time Location System )
Spain / Fundación CEDETEL

CEDETEL is a non-profit Technology Centre located in Boecillo (Valladolid-Spain) and designated as a reference point as regardsTIC...
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G&L Group
G&L Group Argentine Information Tecnology Services and Solutions
Argentina / G&L Group

Since 1994 we provide Information Technology Services with the collaboration of our 500 professionals, making a difference on the ...
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Galician Institute of Technology (ITG)
Wireless SENSOR NETWORKS: Low cost/energy, Remote and Real Time Monitoring.
Spain / Galician Institute of Technology (ITG)

ITG is a PRIVATE reference R&D centre of Galicia (North of Spain). Its main purpose is the efficient contribution to technolog...
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Software for generating computer models for prediction,analysis, classification and simulation via the use of historic data.
Spain / GAMCO S.L.

GAMCO is a Software Manufacturer that generates computer models for prediction,analysis, classification and simulation via the use...
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GIS applications for mobile devices using Google information

Geographica is a technology-based company, specialized in advanced geospatial technology for the development of desktop, web and m...
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Geophysical Center of RAS
Sphere-education Project
Russian Federation / Geophysical Center of RAS

The main goal of the Geophysical Center is to conduct basic and applied research in the field of geophysics and geoinformatics. On...
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Global Services Providers S.A. de C.V.
Solutions for Telecommunications
Mexico / Global Services Providers S.A. de C.V.

GSP provides services for Telecommunications Engineering with the support of technological innovations available to meet the techn...
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New solutions for LAN security, programs development with open sources, audiovisual

GOTOR is a Telecom company dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of full communication systems (data, image and vo...
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