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Institute for Information Transmission Problems of RAS (Kharkevich Institute)

Bolshoy Karetniy lane, 19
ZIP Code
Russian Federation

Company Profile:
The Institute performs basic and applied research of information processing, transmission and distribution in living and engineering systems. Three members of the Institute were awarded the Fields medal. Developments of the Institute are currently commercially produced by national enterprises.

Real-time optical object detection and recognition

What we offer:
Development of real-time optical object detection and recognition demonstrated in the vehicle body recognition problem. We present the prototype of the system for detection and classification of vehicles driving on the road. Main measured characteristics include the pass time, geometric parameters and the number of wheel axles.
The automatic vehicle classifier based on commodity video cameras that has no moving parts and therefore has high stability with respect to weather condition and low maintenance cost compared to traditional systems.

What are we looking for:
Looking for small- and middle-Businesses, for Industrial Enterprises.
For technical coperation, research and development, for the industrial agreement, for FP 7- ICT Projects, for financing.


Mr Timur Khanipov

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