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Institute for Systems Analysis RAS

Russia, Moscow, 60-Letia Oktyabrya prospekt, 9
ZIP Code
Russian Federation

Company Profile:
Institute for System Analysis RAS conducts fundamental research in the domains of system analysis and information technologies. Resolved a number of important applied problems: to propose new methods for assessing the effectiveness of in-vestments, to formulate principles of manage-ment system of regional development, reform of natural monopolies, to develop models and tech-niques used in computer health, the organization distributed collaboration, and the formation of virtual communities.

Flexible documents recognition technology

What we offer:
The technology allows recognizing semistructured documents such as waybills and invoices. Recognition of such documents is complicated by non-formalized description, the presence of tables with loosely specified columns, multiple pages, seals and other official markings. Recognition technology includes document parsing algorithms, based on its flexible or partial description, text field classifier and syntactical table recognition algorithm.

What are we looking for:
Looking for Universities, Academies, Research Institutes; small- and middle-businesses.
For technical coperation, research and development; for licence agreement.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Business Intelligence
    • ] IT services


Mr Dmitry Sholomov

senior researcher

Document image processing compression algorithm.

What we offer:
This technology represents a new compression algorithm of document images based on separating the text layer from the graphics one on the initial image and compression of each layer by the most suitable common algorithm. Then compressed layers are placed into PDF/A, a standardizated file format for long-term archiving of electronic documents. Using the individual separation algorithm for each type of document makes it possible to save the image to the best advantage. The text layer can be processed by an OCR system and the recognized text can also be placed into the same PDF/A file.

What are we looking for:
Looking for Universities, Academies, Research Institutes, small- and middle-businesses.
For technical coperation, research and development, for licence agreement.


Mr Pavel Bezmaternyh

postgraduate student
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