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Agencia IDEA

c Torneo 26
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Company Profile:
The Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA (the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucia) has been appointed the instrumental executor for the policies of promotion and economic and social development, as the regional development agency of the Andalucian Government, under the aegis of its Consejería de Economía,Innovación y, Ciencia y Empresa.

Services to the Andalusian companies

What we offer:
Agency IDEA as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network offers the following services to andalusian entities (SMEs, research centres, universities, etc.).
International cooperation and information services
Push and pull of information. Opportunities.
Feed back from our companies and send to Europe
Advise and support under cooperation and internationalisation of companies
Innovation and technology transfer services
Brokerage services: Translational technology transfers processes
Advise with other services needed for innovations: RTD exploitation results
European Framework programs services
Diffusion and promotion of European Frame work Programs
Preparation and coordination of FP7 consortiums.

What are we looking for:
We want to offer our services to all the andalusian companies and we can be the link to stablish cooperations with the andalusian companies in issues like transference of technology and participation in european projects.


Mr Alonso Montero Gallego

Technogical Advisor
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