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Calle Santa Leonor, 65, edif. C, planta 4
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Company Profile:
Rigel, a SME based in Madrid, enables innovative services through exploitation of both cellular (3G, GPRS, GSM) and short-range wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi), applying both traditional (SMS, MMS, HTTP, etc.) and new protocols (incl. SIP/IMS, RTP, etc.).
We develop software systems ranging from embedded clients in devices (Android, iOS, J2ME, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc) to distributed computing infrastructures, involving both server-side software and middleware/hardware adaptations.
Rigel invests heavily in R&D, not only by means of internal projects but also taking active part in research consortia, both national and international.
We also provide consultancy services, based on our expertise and know-how, to small and large companies (incl. large telcos).
Products include:
- BeMo: Multi-platform Mobile Application Generator
- Movipolis: Platform for Ambient Intelligence (e.g. urban tourist guide)
- Blueland: Personalized, networked proximity marketing

BeMo: Cross-platform Mobile Application Generator

What we offer:
"BeMo" is a tool for easy generation of interactive mobile applications. Current platform support for the apps is Java, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and WebApps (HTML5).

The tool provides a very user-friendly web interface to manage the multimedia contents and geographical POIs. The contents are structured as multimedia web-like pages, which can be static (included in the installation file) or dynamic (available on-line by request of the users). Dynamic pages can be automatically built by the platform from external sources: RSS, Web Services, databases, Facebook, etc.

The platform handles direct distribution to end users, without the need for a third-party store. Each installation file downloaded to a terminal is generated specifically for that brand and model and bears a unique serial number for usage tracking.

The platform managers can analyze usage statistics and carry out direct marketing campaigns tailored to the usage profile of each user. Push communication is based on SMS, MMS and also directly to the app.

The apps can include advertising as well as in-app integrated operator billing for controlled access to Premium sections.

What are we looking for:
The platform is ready for commercial exploitation. Rigel is adding new features according to their customers requests.
We are looking for:

- Organisations (companies, institutions) interested in self-creating and managing one or multiple content-based mobile applications or mobile web sites

- Resellers, distribuitors, that are interested in offering the product to their customers

- Mobile solutions providers that need to provide similar systems to their customers, since our platform is flexible and can be adapted to new requirements

- Brand owners or organisations with large user base that would like to exploit their contents, services or brands through dissemination to their audience

We are flexible regarding the business model: software licencing, SaaS, revenue-share, custom adaptation, etc.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] CRM
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Mobile marketing
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Mobility and wireless


Mr Luis Alcantara


Mr José Antonio Escudero

Account Manager
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