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Ed. ITQUIMA - Av Camilo José Cela S/N
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Company Profile:
The OTRI of the University of Castilla-La Mancha is a unit attached to the Vice-Chancellor of Research’s office, that acts like a connection organism between the University, the companies and the institutional organisms, and that promotes and coordinates the transference of the scientific-technical offer of the University to the productive sectors, taking care of their demands.

OTRI-UCLM Research Knowledge Transfer Office

What we offer:
•We help the researchers in the search of companies to establish collaborative projects.
•We help the companies to contact with the UCLM R+D Groups to meet their needs.
•We prepare and process collaborative agreements between the University and companies.
•We inform about financing programmes for the development of research projects through regional, national and European calls.
•We advise about intellectual and industrial property matters.
•We spread and promote the UCLM patent list.
•We valuate and negotiate transfer of R+D Research Results to the companies.
•We promote the participation of companies and researchers in Scientific Nets and Platforms

What are we looking for:
Companies or research groups interested in collaboration agreements and partners for applying to R&D regional, national or International calls, European projects, etc….

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Processing Hardware
    • ] Storage
    • ] Printing
    • ] IT Security
    • ] Infrastructure software
    • ] Virtualisation
    • ] Company network systems
    • ] Public network infrastructures
    • ] High-performance computing


Ms Gabriela R. Gallicchio Platino

Project Manager

Parallel Computing  Heterogeneous computing.  High-performance computing  High-throughput computing.

What we offer:
Groups Real Time and Concurrent Systems and High Performance Networks and Architectures work in conjuntion to develope High performance implementations to make efficient use of current architectures. These implementations are refered to different fields of science and engineering. The work carried out for both groups has an impact on the enterprises productivity, and also in public institutions as hospitals or whatever healthcare provider.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for those organizations (enterprises, heathcare providers, etc) that want to apply optimizations on their codes that allows to improve the use of their underlying parallel resources, improving in this way the productivity and also the economy of these organizations.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] High-performance computing


Mr Dr. Enrique Arias Antunez


Interactive Systems Everywhere

What we offer:
"Everywhere Interactive Systems" research group is located in the Research Institute of Computer Science and Technology Park of Albacete.
Our technicians carry out external software development. Our greatest value is currently developing software based on Microsoft. NET.
Our main areas of research revolve around new forms of interaction and collaboration in mobility. So we have experience in the development of solutions that address global applications software platform, for changing environments or context sensitive.
ISE research group has demonstrated capacity for research and transfer the obtained results by participating in research projects in various proposals.
The group organizes the Master in Web Technology (Internet Applications Development) which is already in its 8 edition.

What are we looking for:
1.- Companies interested in performing, development and market exploitation of our multi-touch table
2.- Sponsors and Partners for our "Master in Web Technology"
3.- Companies interested in developing mobile applications based on RFID
4.- Companies interested in developing interactive multimedia applications
5.- Developing for Windows Phone
6.- Partners for project consortiums of national R & D (Spain)
7.- Partners for European Projects (Tempus, AAL, FP7, Eurostar)
8.- Companies interested in training courses (classroom or on-line) .NET, Java, ...


Mr Dr. Habib Fardoun

Research Manager

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