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Company Profile:
Tecnología Informática 2000 is a Spainsh Company founded in 1994 by a team of Engineers and Economists, with more than fifteen years of experience in the Management in Spanish Companies, subsidiaries of Multinational Groups, working on the marketing of high technology equipment for the banking and financial institution sectors.

The company began its activities providing Technical Assistance and carrying out the Marketing and Installation of Queue Management Systems, through all the Spanish territory, and following the requests of some of our customers and experience with these systems, we began the development of a new and improved Queue Management System, entirely produced in Spain.

TI2000 has developed, fabricated and distributed our QSystem, an Intelligent Queue Management System (for public attention) for use in Service companies, Health Institutions, Organizations and Financial Institutions, been the unique Company supplying Queue Management System to the Financial Institutions in Spain, which provides a highly valuable information and operational statistics which allow to the Management of those organizations to carry out remarkable improvements and savings in the time of the public assistance, achieving reasonable waiting times and planning their personal and facilities in the most efficient way.

In November 2009, TI2000 and our product QSystem, with more than 1.000 systems with near 12.000 work stations installed in the main institutions, have obtained the Quality Certificate ISO-9001:2010.

TI2000’s R & D Department has developed a new model of Counter Display as well as new alphanumeric displays with the capability of presenting the information in three colours, as well as a new Ticket Dispenser with a tactile screen with a wide functionality and is working in new development projects.
In our pursuit of solving the problems of many Organizations, TI2000 has also developed a new application -QAccess- for automatically capturing the visitor’s identity data, using a SwisReader 2300 OCR Reader, and speeding up the booking and control of visitors, for use at the entrances of buildings and of any other controlled areas, as well as two applications to directly interface the Reader with any existing management application without any need of modifying the end user software.

Queuing Systems & Digital Signage

What we offer:

QSystem: Queue Management System that allows to organize waiting areas and manage the Customers’ Attention Services eliminating the physical queues and improving the quality and efficiency of the rendered services. A clear exponent of this is our successful Queue Management System, QSystem, guaranteed by nearly 1.0000 systems installed in the main institutions of our country.

QSystem Lite: Smaller system designed for queue management in areas of public attendance for those administration agencies ,banks, hospitals, retails and stations that do not need a very big and intelligent installation. The system does not require to be connected to a Pc and can be controlled by internet to program and get the statistics. Turn control may be Wireless and Net.

• QChannel: Dynamic Publicity system integrated on the queue management system with publicity channel information and multimedia contents to different areas on a large format screen. QChannel offers to your clients a visual effective and attractive experience.

• QAccess System: A new Visitors Control System to increase the security and control of the visitors accessing to any controlled area. the QAccess System allows to speed up the acquisition of personal identification data, in a quick and reliable way without transcription errors and with a consistent format, by reading the OCR identification data on Passports, Identity Cards, or any other identity document .

QSystem : A system, designed for queue management in areas of public attendance, in Governement premises, Local Communities, Banks, Hospitals, Stations etc...totally designed, and manufactured by TI2000, according to quality standards ISO-9001:2008, and using the most advanced technology. We offer technological solutions adapted to customers with a optimum quality – price ratio.

We offer, solutions for management queuing problems with advantages for clients on Services, advantages for employees with more functionality and advantage for the company with efficiency increase.

Our technology offers advantages in ease of installation, maintenance and support of infrastructure created.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for Technical Co-operation, Distributors, Manufacturing Agreement or Commercial Agreement in all over the world. Companies that have representation, branches or other offices out of Spain.

Also we are looking for new technologies that we can apply or add to our queue management solutions
1. What technology are you looking for? New ideas and technologies not yet applied in our sector.
2. What will the technology be used for? All types of Software and hardware.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Processing Hardware
    • ] Company network systems
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Business applications
    • ] IT services
    • ] Digital content


Mr Mr. Alberto Gonzalez

International Sales Manager

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