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Sambara 12 3 b
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Company Profile:
Madrid, Spain.
NGO, Start Up both of them. is a non profit organization that work with green and sustaintable economy in sustaintable urbanism projects.

The social Network is available right now with 600 projects and a collaboration system of intelligent complementary currency. is the first start-up from theory. We created a network of space sharing that decrease the displacements in the city and generate sharing space rent. Is developed in rubyonrails, we provide our costumers spaces with an algoritm that identify the booking of the space and depending of that we can fix the prices.

Green Economy / Space sharing / Decrease displacements into the city.

What we offer:
Our expertise is in sustaintable development in new economy and urbanism models.
We offer: Social networks, both of them and
For the new paradigma cities or comunities.
Our main adventage is innovation and sustaintable development.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for partners and costumers. Our main kind of costumers right now are Universities, Real Estate, Innovation Centers, Venture capitals, Cities.

Our technology would be used for innovative sustaintable development models of urbanism.

We are looking for free spaces.


Mr Arquitecto Felipe Velasquez

Director / Creador

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