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INNOVATIVE BUSINESS GROUP FOR NETWORK SECURITY AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AGRUPACIÓN EMPRESARIAL INNOVADORA PARA LA SEGURIDAD DE LAS REDES Y LOS SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN) brings together companies, associations, R+D+i centers and public or private organizations interested in promoting new technologies, its auxiliary industries and other sectors related with it, wishing to contribute to the aims of the Association in the Spanish Security Technologies.

Association is joining with the aim of providing an operational structure to all companies interested in promoting and developing a Technological and Business Pole connected to their ends. Its pillars are innovation, service delivery and training.

Cooperation to ensure security in networks and information systems.

What we offer:
The Association brings together companies, associations, R&D centres and public and private entities interested in promoting New Technologies sector, in a broad sense i.e. including auxiliary and related industries nationwide.

AIE activities are grouped under three strategic objectives:

1. Leadership in competitiveness
- Creation of an industrial hub specialized in ICT security.
- Improve the competitiveness of ICT security solutions.

2. Economic development:
- Support the local development of ICT industry.
- Foster an international line of action.

3. Innovation and training:
- Set up a centre of excellence in ICT security.
-Develop a training program especially addressed to professionals.

The AEI carry out a wide range of activities, among those, events organized abroad are particularly worthy of mention. Such events, which were aimed at reinforcing commercial and technological relationships, were held in Portugal and Monterrey and organized by the AEI in close cooperation with well-known companies and entities, such as the Carnegie-Mellon University from US or the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO), from Spain.

What are we looking for:
The AEI Security is constantly growing and evolving, adding value to its members and ensuring their access to all the available resources. In brief, AEI contributes to social welfare.

The association has more than 30 members, among those business associations made up of more than 100 SMEs from ICT sector, in other words, there is a large number of Spanish ICT sector companies that are AEI members.

We would like to emphasize the AEI great commitment and dedication to its members. The AEI currently is offering them, among others, the following advantages:

• A collaborative scheme in the creation of the aforementioned industrial and technological hug with all of the associated benefits that entails.
• Provision of services in the fields of innovation projects, HR training and integration, facilities, technological resources …
• Easy access to projects conducted by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, The Spanish Central Administration or the Spanish Autonomous Communities. (Funding programs, grants, loans…)

To sum up, coping with continuing uncertainly and attacks in the area of ICT security, requires to increase the number of companies specialized in information security. The AEI promotes joint efforts in the fight against this industry fluctuations with the motto “Promoting together security on ICT industry”.


Mr Luis Hidalgo

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