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Mobaloo S.L.

Punto Mobi 4
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

Company Profile:
Our first aim in Mobaloo is:

Lead our clients to the hands of millions of mobile users.

We do it through applications because we think that, unlike MMS, SMS and Bluetooth, applications are NOT intrusive. Whoever download one app,do it consciously and they consult over and over them because they are practical and useful.

We can do it through two ways:

Designing and developing custom made applications to our clients.
Advertising campaigns in the most downloaded and used applications

If your target customers use a cell phone, contact us and we will work together.

Why Mobile Marketing with Apps?

What we offer:
Mobaloo tries to revolutionize Mobile Marketing by providing custom apps development, mobile webs and advertising manangement in our apps network.

Mobile apps make possible a higher segmentation than other online media. They have the greatest investment growth trend within online Marketing, and based on MMA researches, this is the most valued categorie for the costumers.This issue joined the fact the users just download the apps they really need,makes this a NON intrusive advertising media very effective.

Mobaloo is already a leader in the sector counting with a large app network with more than 100 M impressions per month worldwide in different categories and 15 M in Spain, where we have the leader apps in the different categories.Mobaloo also developes ad-hoc apps for all the mobile OS, offering a service called Mobaloop 360º, that integrates all the areas of a marketing campaign in apps.

What are we looking for:
We look for supports that want to join our large network and monetize their apps in the most optimal and profitable way.
In addition we want to contact with brands that want to connect with their target through mobile devices.

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    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Business consultancy
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Mobile devices
    • ] Mobile marketing
    • ] Mobile Internet
    • ] Mobile applications


Mr Juan María Sánchez

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