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IActive Intelligent Solutions S.L.

Edificio BIC / Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud, Avd. de la Innovación 1
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Company Profile:
IActive is a global company specializing in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology in the domain of business processes.
IActive provides the technology enabling Adaptive Case Management - ACM. The company supplies the technology to its partners, who can then develop for their customers, intelligent systems capable of improving the precision, coherence and flexibility of complex decisions.
The technology developed by the company has been widely recognized in the world´s most prestigious professional circles with various international awards.

Innovative software for the automatic generation of dynamic adaptive unstructured processes

What we offer:
.A Spanish Technology Based Enterprise (TBE) has developed an innovative tool for the automatic generation of dynamic adaptive unstructured processes.

This technology is the result of more than 10 years of research at University that have been later transferred to the TBE.

This solution that has already been successfully applied in several projects is divided into two components:

a) A development tool for the design, modelling and integration of Intelligent Systems based on Smart Process Management technology (SPM) that requires no skills in Artificial Intelligence. This tool supports the 4 stages of the development of an Intelligent System: Edition, Debugging, Integration and Execution of the environment.

b) An Intelligent component based on Smart Process Management technology (SPM) that can be integrated into any software system. Thanks to this component, systems acquire the capacity to suggest decisions the same way an expert would do it.

Some technical features are:
* Generation of a sequence of activities with a common target.
* Generation of solutions with parallel activities.
* Generation of solutions with several performers.
* Generation of solutions with advanced time management.
* Setting of restrictions in the initial and final moments.
* Temporary restrictions.
* Repetitions and intervals.
* Mechanisms for search controlling.
* Simulation of activities execution and performers.
* Definition of universal rules.

The human decision-making behaviour to achieve goals can be emulated, obtaining a set of actions to be executed within a specific environment with the use of this technology.

Innovation and Advantages

* Compared to BPM (Business Process Management): The technology hereby presented it deals with much more complex Processes, as opposed to the static and predictable processes solved using BMP.

Resulting processes are better adapted to their environment.

The solution given is a global solution to the problem, as opposed to the step-by-step solution given by BPM, which can result unfeasible at the end of the process.

* Compared to BI (Business Intelligence): The technology hereby presented provides all the steps to be executed, the resources needed, aggregates, deadlines, etc., to cope with indicators.

What are we looking for:
- Type of partner sought: Companies, SMEs, Government.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: any private or public entity needing to establish a set of actions to be executed within a specific environment. Software developers of Intelligent Applications.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought: They will contribute to the exploitation of the technology providing their needs and technical specifications for the system to be parameterized and customised. They will also facilitate the dissemination of the technology.

In case of System developers, those who wish to offer or upgrade their intelligent solutions to their clients are also sought. Commercial Agreement or License Agreements would be the right type of collaboration.

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Mr PhD Luis Castillo

Chief Technology Officer

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