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Olga Mª Mendoza
ZIP Code
Santovenia de P.(Valladolid)

Company Profile:
Machining: automotive components, engineering and other sectores.Fabricación production lines. Welding, mechanical welding, construction and maintenance of lines for logistics support.
We provide human resources management and manufacturing both composed for greater competitiveness and productivity in the work they need to develop, making it the customer moves lower cost and higher quality, on schedule delivery so coveted in this market .

1. Valladolid (Spain)
2. Industrie
3.Description of the capabilities the employee must have:

Manufacturing company needs, in series or small quantities, for the automotive industry, aviation and others. Also we would like to collaborate with companies or group companies with which we can work together

Indumendoza, with extensive experience of over 50 years in this sector, is consolidated in improving production and quality, responding to most of the brands car, either directly or indirectly through engineering to develop their projects with our help throughout the Spanish territory or other countries trust their most important projects.

Machining of parts manufacturing for the automotive and aeronautics, logistics support

What we offer:
Automobile Sector-1, aeronautical and others.
2 º-Manufacturing machining of parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics industries.
Tooling and connedores for lo'gistica of child support in factories.
3 º-cars, airplanes, assembly lines, manufacturing and almaenaje.
4 º-Daughter formaion on production processes, makes us competitive in price, quality and deadlines

What are we looking for:
We fabricated 1 º of the sectors named in the preceding paragraph, which outsource manufacturing of its parts to our company.
2 º-Machining parts and fabrication by welding.
3 º-manufacturing customers seek all makes of automobiles, aircraft, engineering, and others.
4 º-car manufacturers, aircraft and engineering.

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Ms Olga Mª Mendoza Delgado

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