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Caduceus Software SL

C/Marie Curie,8 Edif. B
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Company Profile:
Caduceus was created 2009 in in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.
We develop web based software mainly related to EHR, radiology reporting, systems integration and clinical trials.

We work actively with hospitals and health organisations to develop user oriented solutions. Our objetive is to ease the work of health professionals.

Our services and products add value to our customers, improving the usability and results of their own products.

Medical Reports, clinical trials, integration and report solution

What we offer:
HermaReport is a scalable, modular radiology reporting solution. It is web based and easily integrable with other products. The result is a fast and easy structured report with better results than dictation or typing solutions.
Caduceus has also great experience integrating systems and automatic dumping data from gadgets (glucometer, pacemaker,...) and databases into the electronic health record. This avoid having several systems that contains redundand or fragmented data of the same patient.
We also provide services and implantation over an open source solution for clinical trials. This solution is a well known, robust and reliable platform that can be used to fully manage clinical trials (multiuser, multicenter, multitrial) with a cost significantly lower than its propietary competitors.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for healthcare related companies and organizations that need medical reporting solutions or integration of medical systems.

We are also interested in contacting with companies that can use our products and services as a aded value to their own products.

Caduceus is also open minded and interested in collaboration to develop new products and services in the e-health sector.

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Mr Pedro Miguel Torres Vertedor


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