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Audentis Network

Avda de la Argentina 132
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Company Profile:
Audentis Network is a network of small companies and professionals in the IT industry, with a high level of expertise, working together in the commercialization and development of tecnhnological solutions supported by a professional organization that builds relationships, manages projects, oversees the quality of those and promotes the business, giving the market a common brand of professionality, values ​​and commitment towards the customers..

Our main locations are based in Gijón (Asturias, Spain), but Audentis Network is a distributed company .

Audentis Network, a new IT Model

What we offer:
Audentis Network is a different company in the field of Information Technology and Communication with a working philosophy and service delivery way that is radically different from traditional technology companies.

Audentis Network model promotes the absolute specialization of each member of the network in those products and services in wich the member can be considered "the world's best" and encourages professionals to evolve technologically, create professional value and be productive.

The main goal of Audentis Network is to offer services and knowledge to customers who demand projects in the field of Information Technology and Communication, and also to suppliers, as, be they companies, independent professionals and research centers.

Audentis Network acts as a boost for the technology market and a trustee agent for all elements of the value chain by offering warranty of technological capability, experience and professional and human values.

Audentis Network builds and manages technology projects for clients and needs, selecting the most appropriate technology providers and managing the project and relationships in a transparent manner.

Our service approach breaks the traditional model of customer-supplier, to work in a project partner model, bringing together customers and suppliers in order to achieve the best success in a particular project.

That is Audentis Projects

But Audentis Network not only builds and manages technology projects, but also offers high value services for businesses and professionals in the network.

Audentis Network operates and warms up a network of technological, business, professional and research centers, acting as a "trusted third party" in the the search and management of suitable technology partners for projects developed by members of the network, fostering collaboration and generating business.

That is Audentis Net

Members of the Audentis network can access a range of service suppliers providing high-level support for the development of their business and professional activities: financial and legal advice, human capital recruitment, innovation management, training, events organization and business services ... making use of scaled economies for small businesses and professionals so they can benefit from services usually only available to large enterprises.

That is Audentis Services

What are we looking for:
We would be happy to meet you ...

• If you are a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY with a high level of expertise in a product or service, wherever you are ...

• If you are A GREAT IT PROFESSIONAL or have worked in related fields: project manager, analyst, programmer, systems technician, designer, technology expert ...

• If you are looking for a TECHNOLOGY PROJECT orientation as a customer ...

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Processing Hardware
    • ] Storage
    • ] Printing
    • ] Digitalising
    • ] IT Security
    • ] Infrastructure software
    • ] Virtualisation
    • ] Open source
    • ] Company network systems
    • ] Public network infrastructures
    • ] High-performance computing
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] BPM
    • ] ERP
    • ] CRM
    • ] Business Intelligence
    • ] Data Warehouse
    • ] Business applications
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Social software
    • ] IT services
    • ] Business consultancy
    • ] Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Operators
    • ] Mobile devices
    • ] Mobile marketing
    • ] e-commerce
    • ] Mobile Internet
    • ] Mobile office
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Mobility and wireless


Mr Rubén Prida


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