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Harweb (Government Solutions México S.A. de C.V.)

Poniente 140 No. 839 PB5
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Company Profile:
Mexican company with over twenty years of experience, wich innovates in creating new service models for Public Administration.

Specialists in the application of Software Component-Based, having like competitive advantage the technological development and the application of laws and norms for government; allowing our customers optimize, manage and evaluate the results of their processes in real time, as well as design their own models of operation to achieve a countable harmonization.

Harweb, the new service model for Public Administration

What we offer:
A Technology Platform oriented to project management, human resources, material and financial resources for Public Administration Institutions. This platform brings different features in a single Government Operating System at different levels of government: federal, state and municipal. Its structure is oriented toward accounting harmonization and facilitate the work on interoperability schemes. Among the main features of the system are: payroll administration, Performance Budgeting, income and expenditure budget, inventory, treasury and procurement of public resources and services.

What are we looking for:
Promote professional development and technology of our country, through various outreach programs with the Government, Industry, Academy, and various Quality Methodologies, promoting the development of new projects nationally and internationally and attracting new professional talent.

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Mr Oscar Rivera


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