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CTMedia La Salle

Quatre Camins 30
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Company Profile:
CTMedia (Center of Technologies for Media) La Salle is a R&D center located in Barcelona in La Salle School of Engineering - Ramon Llull University. The research and development of the center is highly industry oriented to solve specific needs of the media industry.

The areas of research of the center are:

Multimodal processing
Digital Television
Usability and user experience

The center has participated in a large number of R&D projects, some of them at European level and a large number at Spanish and Catalan level. The group mantains a fluent relationship with industrial partners as in the media industry.

CTMedia is ISO-9001 quality certified and belongs to the network of TECNIO Innovation Centers in Catalonia.

R&D for the media sector

What we offer:
Our center offers R&D in the media sector, focused in the following areas:

- Multimodal processing: design, recording and voice tagging tools, speech synthesis and voice transformation, text to speech converter, emotion/user enjoyment recognition, synthesis of sign language, audiovisual synchronisation, multimodal clustering.

- Acoustics: structural/architectural acoustics, 3D audio, digital audio, theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics, transducers and ultrasounds.

- Digital television: automated systems of content creation, digitalisation of audiovisual production systems, audiovisual cataloguing and management (metadata), digital TV headends (DVB), SI management, multiplexing, data injection, interactive television, connected TV and receptor interoperability tests.

- Multimedia: virtual reality, motion capture, physical simulations, graphic programming, animation and inverse kinematics, motion analysis, multi-platform and multi-device programming (Java, mobiles, PDA, iPhone), communication servers (MMORPG) and motion tracking.

- Usability and user experience: studies on product usability, accessibility, consultation, eyetracking and R&D team training.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for:

- Entrepreneurs that are seeking technological partners
- Companies that require R&D in the media field
- Customers that may be interested in our already developed R&D products (text to speech, ultrasound transducers, digital TV equipment, motion capture facilities, etc..)
- Partners that would like to set up consortiums for public funded projects

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Digitalising
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Operators
    • ] Mobile applications


Mr Prof. Gabriel Fernandez

CTMedia director

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