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Fundación CEDETEL

Edificio Solar - Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo
ZIP Code
Boecillo - Valladolid

Company Profile:
CEDETEL is a non-profit Technology Centre located in Boecillo (Valladolid-Spain) and designated as a reference point as regardsTICs for enterprises, organisms and institutions of the region from 1995.

The purpose of CEDETEL is to be a meeting place for business people, researchers, TIC professionals and economic and social agents to join efforts and collaborate
in the start of technological development
projects whose results are advanced as well as realistic and practical applications.

WiLoct (Real Time Location System )

What we offer:
WILOCT is a Real Time Location System specially designed to improve hospital
processes management.

Wiloct solution uses wireless communications
as the basis of a single architecture in
order to provide user-oriented services.


- Multi-technology. Wiloct can operate over
different wireless technologies, such as
active RF/O, ZigBee or Ultra-Wide Band
- Service Oriented Architecture
- Location algorithms based in mu/tilateration
- Ubiquitous assets and people location
- Easy integration of third-party applications
- Supports different media displays (web,
pda, TOT... )

What are we looking for:
- Partners and companies of software to develop and apply Real Time Location System
solutions in different sectors (health, logistic, security, …)

- Distributors of Real Time Location System

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Open source
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] ERP
    • ] Social software
    • ] IT services
    • ] Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Mobility and wireless


Ms Noelia Arroyo

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