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Company Profile:
Erisis is a social innovation company aiming to promote spreading of solar energy by providing technological solutions contributing to bridge the gap in energy production costs between solar and other polluting energy sources.

Founded early 2008 in Spain is based in Madrid and Malaga.

Erisis is a company devoted to consulting, assessment, and development of innovative technological products and solutions, specially in the field of Solar Plants Management. Pioneers in the introduction of predictive techniques in Solar Operation & Maintenance.

Our mission in this arena is to contribute to the solar photovoltaic industry with three distinguishing targets:
• To provide a framework for the R&D&I activities in the Operation and Maintenance domain for Solar Plants
• To challenge, debate and benchmark Solar O&M practices
• To generate continuous improvement in the methodology for Solar Plants Management, based on the outcome of the above points

We have developed, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, a state of the art platform for professional solar plants Management aimed at improving their control and profitability

This Solar Management System is up and running since 2009 and is presently serving more than 200 MW all over Europe, from small residential roofs of 5 kW to big floor plants of up to 9,5 MW.

CTMS (Cloud Thinking Management System)

What we offer:
CTSM is a Solar Management System supported by a Social Network of solar industry professionals contributing with proposals on ideas, solutions and best practices to permanently enrich it with new and enhanced features and functionalities.

This Solar Management System is up and running since 2009 and is presently serving more than 200 MW all over Europe, from small residential roofs of 5 KWs to big floor plants of up to 9,5 MW.

CTMS platform is provided on a turn-key SaaS (SW as a a Service) model, with a monthly fee and first payment to cope with all activities for plants and equipments data registration and activation, as well as for communication protocols integration in the system databases.

CTMS service is provided from central servers, all of them maintained and updated together by Erisis, allowing all users to have instantly at their disposal all the system evolution and feature improvements as soon as developed.

All the R&D&I activities required to incorporate this new and enhanced functionalities in the system are developed by Erisis for free so that these additional features are made available to all the users in the following version of the System without any additional cost.

The System hides all the complexity associated with the different protocols, interfaces, languajes and equipment practices from all the different equipments and systems providers in the plants, and integrate all of them into a single System with only one and the same user interface.

It also provides in a single platform a full set of tools and applications for monitoring, analysis, assets tracing, maintenance work orders management, automatic reporting and key Process Indicators generation, operational traceability, data validation, e-audits, pro-forma billing, documentation management, …

What are we looking for:
We are looking for PV Solar companies performing Operation and Maintenance activities willing to get the service provided by this Solar Management System platform.

We are also looking for distributors and or entrepreneurs for the commercialization of this product and service abroad.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Infrastructure software
    • ] High-performance computing
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Business Intelligence
    • ] Data Warehouse
    • ] Business applications
    • ] Social software
    • ] IT services
    • ] Business consultancy


Mr Angel Post

General Manager
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