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Avenida de la Albufera, 321, planta 4, oficina 10
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Company Profile:
e-Intelligent , spin-off company created on 2002, is the outcome of the hard work of a multiskilled team with large experience in Information and Communication Technologies field. Main lines of business:

Technological and Strategic Intelligence
Web Consulting
Web Development
Marketing Online

From the beginning e-Intelligent has carried out products and solutions, related with the intensive use of the Information and Communication Technologies through Internet in different fields of knowledge, particularly focused on research and innovation (R&D).

e-Intelligent is specialized in custom-made project design on Strategic Surveillance and Intelligence, can perform technological consulting, information sources advice, technological implementation and training.

e-Intelligent has a multiskilled team of researchers, computer and telecommunication engineers, PhDs in Chemistry, Graphic designers, Biotech and Industrial Engineering with a high potential to make multisectoral reports of Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence.

Solutions for Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence: Patents, Market, Enviroment, Competitors, Partners, Regulations

What we offer:
Solutions in:
- Patents:
Is my product patentable? Who are the leader?
Where are companys applying for their patents?
- Market:
How can I penetrate in a new market? How to improve my market strategy?
- Competitors:
What is talking about them in social media? What are their patents?
- Partners:
How can I search technological and comercial partners?
- Regulations:
What are the requirements set by regulations for my product? What are the legislative barriers in a new market?
- Makes easier the incorporation of technological advances
- Makes it possible to penetrate foreign markets
- Helps companys in making decisions
- Alerts the company from threats of other sectors
- Makes the changes possible to survive
Sucess cases in: Bio, Agrofood, Energy, Electronics, Pharma, IT...

What are we looking for:
We are are looking for customers:

1.Type of customers:
Any company that carries out innovation

2.Industry sectors:
We have success cases in many sectors like:
Biotechnology, Agro, Food and Nutraceutical, Energy, Electronics, Pharma, IT, Enviromental, Waste recycling, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Health, Textile, Printing and Graphic Design, Robotics


Ms Cristina TriviƱo

Competitive Intelligence Manager

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