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Company Profile: is a Spanish SME involved in spreading the use of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions in multiple sectors: tourism promotion & cultural heritage, civil engineering, architecture and urban planning, training, ehealth, etc. has a strong background in Virtual Reality (VR), 3D interactive applications, simulators and serious games. provides on-demand solutions according to client needs and commercialize our own innovative products
The company is organized around five business units:
- Construction,
- Tourism,
- Education,
- Health and
- Industry. has received the Platinum European Seal of Excellence in innovation awarded by the European Multimedia Forum in 2009 - 2010.

Serious Games, Interactive aplicactions & Simulators

What we offer:
- Internet of the Future: Digital platforms optimized for the internet navigation, i. e. integrating 3D systems in owner’s platforms such as Google Earth.
- E-health: VR hardware-software solution focused on neuroscience related pathologies and tools for the diagnosis of neuroscience aspects of child absent-mindedness.
- Digital Contents: Virtual Reality value-added services for the Knowledge Based Society.
- eTourism &Cultural Heritage: Digital interactive solutions for cultural and touristic simulation.
- Cognitive systems and Robotics: Industrial Applications based on advanced visualization devices or interactive simulation.
- Multimedia, 3D Animation & Interactive Virtual Environments: Multimodal interaction solutions that allow the user to communicate with a device (i.e. serious games).


Mr mr jon arambarri

R&D Manager
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