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COTESA is part of Tecopy Group which is specializes in the use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Remote Sensing Applications, Services and Solutions.
COTESA has an extended know-how about GIS applied in several vertical markets, mainly in Territorial Managing (Environmental and natural resources management, Urban Planning, Management of Cultural Heritage and its Protection, etc). COTESA complies with several international development standards.

Design and implementation of advanced services based og geographical information. New Technologies applied to the Territorial Management.

What we offer:
We offer Know-how and technology transfer on GIS technologies. Cotesa is a developer specialized in GIS and DSS in different fields, related to energy, water resources and other fields such as traffic management and transport of dangerous goods to name a few.
Amongst the technologies, standards and infrastructures used, the following are worthy of mention:
- Adaptation to the standards established by the OGC, Europeans directives (INSPIRE), etc.
- Development of advanced information system.
- Remote management systems for remote control of sensors, valves or other hardware tools.
- Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) applies to many fields: water, energy, transport.
- Development of mobile applications for the promotion of different services (tourism, e-commerce) and in order to make easier tasks asdata inventory or management and update of information.

What are we looking for:
COTESA is a market leader in the application of GIS, Decision Support Systems and Remote Sensing to the set of subjects related to Territorial
Analyst, Planning and Management. Our business scope covers all consultancy and engineering fields. With outstanding references in projects, nationwide, of civil and industrial engineering, renewable
energies, e-learning, remote sensing, land-use and territorial planning, environment, natural hazards,
geographical data systems, smart agents for DSS and transport consultancy.
COTESA is always in a constant technological evolution and providing innovative ICT solutions and new
technologies applicable to all our projects. We look for partners or customers who want to work with us in preparing and development new national or international projects and initiatives.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Open source
    • ] Public network infrastructures
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Social software
    • ] IT services
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Mobile devices
    • ] Mobile marketing
    • ] Mobile Internet
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Mobility and wireless


Ms Mónica Citores Fernández

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