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Company Profile:
Since its establishment in 1989 HISPASAT has consolidated its position as a leading reference in the distribution of satellite television and radio channels and the transmission of digital television platforms in Europe, America and North Africa. It's satellites allow for the most advanced telecommunication services for business, providing broadband access to Internet and the development of new interactive and multimedia services related to digital technology.

HISPASAT has become the seventh largest company in the world by revenues, the third largest in the regional operator category and the leading operator in broadcasting and distributing Spanish and Portuguese-language content.

As an innovative company, HISPASAT stands out by its commitment to promote technological innovation and participates in numerous R&D projects on both the Spanish and the European levels.

General Research Lines

What we offer:
HISPASAT has defined four strategic lines which aim to search and develop new systems and technologies which improve performance and efficiency of its satellite communication systems, as well as studying new business models and services.
• Audiovisual systems: main strategic lines in this area are high definition television such as HDTV, UHDTV and 3DTV, and hybrid television, which aims to combine the benefits of broadband and broadcast services.
• Emergency and security systems: This area exploits the flexibility, security, fast deployment and wide coverage of satellite communications systems to improve management of natural disasters and other emergencies. Integration with other networks is critical in this area.
• New generation networks and Internet of the future: Integration with other networks will be a key issue for future services. This strategic line studies the technical requirements for integrating satellite systems with next generation networks.
• Social and environmental responsibility: making basic services available to everyone, everywhere, is one of HISPASAT’s compromises with society. Satellite communications make it possible to deliver broadband services, television and Internet in equal conditions both to high developed cities and to rural areas.

We invite any company interested in developing R&D projects in these areas to contact us.


Mr Jorge Rodríguez

Innovation project manager

Advanced UHDTV Solutions

What we offer:
Development of high added value audiovisual services is one of HISPASAT’s strategic areas. European Project UltraHD-4U seeks to set up an end-to-end 4K Ultra HDTV chain for use at consumer premises and/or at dedicated show-points. Main challenges address the implementation of new codecs, more efficient in terms of bandwidth and improved and additional features. The main innovations addressed in this project are:
• Implementation of new appropriate codecs such as HEVC under definition in MPEG
• Advanced features such as deep colour, colour space & resolution, high dynamic range, higher frame rate, high-speed connectivity
• New high bit rate HDMI interfaces
• Interoperability and backward compatibility with deployed HDTV infrastructure, required distribution bandwidth, DRM related issues and audio.
• 4K Frame compatible 3DTV & 21:9 format

What are we looking for:
Companies interested in participating in this project are welcome to contact us.


Mr Jorge Rodríguez

Innovation project manager
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