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Ronda Auguste y Louis Lumiere 23, Nave 13
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Company Profile:
TSB Technologies for Health and Well-being establishes and develops new technologies for personalised healthcare and well-being.
In particular TSB has become specialized in developing products and services in areas related to systems for home care units, managing chronic illness, systems to provide identification, location and tracking for clinical safety, systems based on developing Ambient Intelligence to control each group member at outdoor activities.
Now we are looking for partners to our product SPHERAhospital. We are intered on Hospital Information Systems (HIS) providers, installers and integrators working at hospitals.

SPHERAhospital: RFID system to provide clinical safety, location, identification and tracking of patients and assets

What we offer:
SPHERAhospital is a solution that equips a Hospital with identification, localisation (RTLS), information, clinical and physical safety and monitoring support applications for the management of procedures and resources (both patients and assets) in large spaces.
The system takes an Active RFID platform as its base -this being a relatively new communications technology-, and is made up of the following component parts:
■Infrastructure of fixed Beacons that enable zones to be mapped out in order to locate patients and assets.
■Patient wristbands that enable identification and localisation (RTLS) of patient, as well as providing access to their personal information.
■PDAs and tablets for doctors, which enable patient identification as well as access to patient information anywhere, anytime.
■All information is stored on one central server, which has in-built tools for the centralised or distributed management of all available information.

What are we looking for:
TSB is looking for partners in other countries, basically companies such as installers and technology providers for hospitals and health environments. Also TSB is able to provide final solution to end customers like hospitals, residences and clinics, being able to design and install the system, and adapting it to the customer requirements.
Also TSB-SPHERAhospital has been selected by the New Hospital La Fe in Valencia, Spain, as RFID system to provide location, identification and tracking of 1.500 patients and 1.000 assets on real time every day inside the hospital.

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Mr Serafin Arroyo

Marketing and Sales Director
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