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Aptent. Be Accessible!

Avd. Gregorio Peces Barba
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Company Profile:
APTENT is a technology-based spin-off company of Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, placed in Leganés, (Madrid, Spain).

We are focused on the development and commercialization of technologies for communication accessibility and access to information.

Our goal is to eliminate barriers to communication and access to information that prevent people with disabilities to exercise their legitimate right of access on equal terms to education, culture, leisure, entertainment, work, etc..

Technologies for communication accessibility

What we offer:
- We are experts in development and marketing of technology solutions to provide accessibility in audiovisual media, communication and access to information.

- We'd like the everyday life scenarios to be accessible for all, with special emphasis on education, entertainment, web and communication.

- We offer any kind of "accessible solutions". For example, in theaters, education, cinema, web, software, mobile applications, videogames, etc.

- "Accessibility" includes subtitles and sign language for people with hearing disability, description for people with visual disability, and many other added values.

- Our solutions take advantage of ICTs and speech technologies (Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech) to provide high quality services at lower cost.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for:

- partners with technology related to communication accessibility who want to collaborate in developing of new accessible solutions.
- customers in any of the following sectors who want to try our solutions: audiovisual, entertainment, games, education, digital content, mobile applications, etc.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Mobile applications
    • ] Social software
    • ] Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • ] Operators
    • ] Mobile applications


Mr Javier Jiménez Dorado


Ms Talia Rodriguez

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