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1. Our location is in Madrid

2. We are an university research group of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and we are currently in the process of creating a technology spin-off company.

3. We model, compress and process very large multi-parametric databases. The novelty of our approach is that we develop “virtual models” of the databases and datamine and/or act on these "models" , rather than working on the databases themselves. This approach is very efficient and saves time and cost.

innovative database management

What we offer:
We model, compress and process very large multi-parametric databases. Our approach is innovative because we develop a “model” of the database itself. Then, once we have the model, we can do the following:

1) Store the lighter model instead of storing the much heavier database.

2) Use the model for: a) data mining purposes, and/or b) as a key component for a real-time artificial intelligence based control unit.

3) Fill in “gappy” information without the need to invest additional money on the part of the customer into generating the missing data.

4) identify potentially erroneous information in the database (i.e.: information that does not fit into the global pattern) and repair it.

What are we looking for:
We look for companies that work with very heavy multi-parameter databases and need to perform all sorts of operations on them so as to extract information. In particular:

1) We allow our customers to transfer information in real time in a network of geographically separated sites.

2) We do data mining so fast that we can perform dynamic modeling and data mining of databases that are actually evolving over time.

3) We have the capability to extract additional information from databases believed to be already exhausted. In this way we help our customers to gain further benefits from investments already made.

4) Our "model databases" could be used to develop intelligent control units able to operate in real-time and, also, to develop efficient predictive maintenance strategies.


Mr Prof. Angel Velazquez

Professor of Aerospace Engineering

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