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Universidad de Burgos

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Company Profile:
The University of Burgos was created in 1994 after separating from the University of Valladolid, which it had belonged to since 1972. The first courses were imparted in the University School and consisted of Degrees in Science, Geography, History and Law, which later had their own faculties. Currently, the University has got almost 11,000 students, which makes Burgos a medium-sized university without the problems of massification and excessive dispersion suffered by other larger universities in Spain.

The university is divided into two campuses: the Campus del Vena (by the river Vena) and the Campus of San Amaro. This also includes the fine historic and artistic enclave known as the ‘King´s Hospital’, serving as the administrative centre of the University and home of the Rectorate and the Faculty of Law (XII Century). The University of Burgos is steadily growing and expanding in recent years, and its research profile is among the most extensive in the Iberian peninsula.

The University of Burgos, is located within the Campus of San Amaro, which boasts an extremely fine historic and artistic enclave: the Hospital del Rey. A former hospital for pilgrims of the Road to Santiago, it was founded in 1195 by Alfonso VII. Within the university campus both the ancient heritage and the most avant-garde facilities and technology coexist in a perfect dialogue of harmony that favor both teaching and innovation. Furthermore, the University of Burgos is located just a short distance from the core centre of Burgos, a city whose artistic jewels, monuments and history are a lure and an invitation to study the Spanish language and culture.

The University of Burgos currently has almost 11,000 students studying at 5 centres: the Science Faculties, the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, the Faculty of Humanities and Education, the Faculty of Law, and the Higher Polytechnic School, as well as at three associated schools, the School of Nursing, the School of Labour Relations and the School of Tourism. It currently offers over 30 different undergraduate degrees and, in addition, over 20 PhD Programmes, as well as several Official Masters and other graduate courses.

There are 73 research groups classified in four main research fields: Scientific-Biotechnology, Engineer and Construction, Law, Economic and Business and Humanities and Education. 10 of these groups are recognized as Excellence Research Groups by the regional public administration based on several specific criteria that show a consolidated prestige not only at national but also at international level with a relevant number of publications in the best research journals.     

University of Burgos

What we offer:
The University of Burgos has two major research groups in this area. I describe the main activities:

Intelligence Computational Applied research group, so called by the acronym GICAP, this group a wide number of researchers interested mainly in the development of tools based on the artificial intelligence.

The ADMIRABLE research group main aim is the development of new ensemble algorithms and the application of data mining, data visualization and pattern matching techniques to diverse fields as bioinformatics, time series classification and high dimensional data analysis.

What are we looking for:
· To develop basic research.
· To develop applied research.
· To initiate channels of communication / cooperation with the managerial world and to undertake projects with local and national companies.
· To collaborate in research projects with different public entities.
· To present its works in national and international conferences, as well as in scientific publications.
· To form researchers.
· To take part and to organize national and European thematic networks.
· To organize scientific and technical events: workshops, special meetings, programming courses, symposiums and conferences.
· Management and organization of summer courses own proper degrees and postgraduates courses


Mr José Manuel López López

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