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BRECA Health Care

Avda. de la Innovación 1
ZIP Code
Armilla, Granada

Company Profile:
BRECA S.L. is a biomedical engineering company from Andalusia that uses computer aided design and computational validation to develop high quality customized products and solutions in the health care area as well as TIC applications for trauma. We aim at using high engineering solutions used in formula1 to health care with the mission of increasing people´s quality of life.

Engineering for life

What we offer:
In BRECA Health Care we are experts in reverse engineering, rapid manufacturing, computer aided design (CAD) and computational validation using finite elements and computational fluid dynamics on healthcare area.
The main products and services of the company are; customized prosthesis, orthesis, implants biomodels for surgery planning and mobile applications for trauma and sport medicine. We are focusing our research in new materials for customized scaffolds in regenerative medicine.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for other companies or research institutes for collaboration in developing innovative products and solutions and for partnership to EUREKA-EUROSTARS or other funding programs. We are also looking for customers in the health care industry.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Processing Hardware
    • ] Printing
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] Mobile applications


Mr MSc José Manuel Baena


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