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Company Profile:
TechRules, spanish company which provides services in the financial sector was founded with the objective of combining extensive financial experience with the development of new technologies. Numerous entities from the national and international financial industry have selected TechRules as their technological partner. It´s customers include private banks, personal banks, asset management areas, online banks, IFA’s networks and family offices.

Financial and Techonological Solutions

What we offer:
Help to increase and improve customers’ business in qualitative and quantitative terms by optimising financial advice processes, thereby helping them to take decisions though information technology-based solutions.
TechRules offers financial entities multifunctional and multichannel solutions to improve the customer relationship by making it more efficient and proactive not only at the time of the sale but also during subsequent follow-up.
Our main strength is to offer experience, technology, information, education, service and not only software, flexibility and scalaibility.
Their lean an straight-forward solution "Tower" integrates classical Portfolio Management and all the tools for Wealth Management. It helps the manager with the construction and monitoring of model portfolios.

What are we looking for:
Our target includes Retail & Mass affluent Banks, Private Banks, Asset Management areas, Online Banks & Brokers, IFA’s networks and Family Offices.


Ms Begoña Rubio

Mr Francisco Javier Carrallo

Mr Críspulo Escudero


Mr Raúl Lacaci

Mr Jaime Bolívar

Ms Lourdes Sánchez


Quipu Technology

What we offer:
Quipu Technology is a outsourcing company with offshore dedicated centers in Perú and project management offices in Spain and Belgium. Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced software, product development and application and database maintenance using industry best practices in project management and development methodologies.
Our clients include more than 50 premier international organisations.

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Ms Lourdes Sánchez

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