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Complejo de Espinardo. Ctra. Madrid Km. 388
ZIP Code
Espinardo, Murcia

Company Profile:
The Murcia Science Park Foundation (FPCMur) is a non profit making organization located in Espinardo (Murcia) that performs a role as an element of development for businesses of a high level of technology, offering available spaces and consultancy and support for companies’ R & D &i activities.
The Supercomputing Center of FPCMur offers:
- High Performance Computing (HPC) services in Ben Arabi, one of the most powerful HPC systems in Spain.
- Cloud Computing, storage and housing services.

High Performance Computing, 3D Render, Ansys Engineering Modelling and Cloud Computing Services

What we offer:
1. High Performance Computing (HPC) service in one of the most important HPC systems in Spain. Hundreds of CPUs and TBs of RAM up and running for your R&D&i project 24x7. Do not wait for some days to get your simulation results, get them in few minutes time. Flexible and comfortable use with an excellent remote experience. Two different architectures available:
- Distributed Memory architecture: An HPC Cluster system of 102 nodes, 816 cores-CPU Xeon and 1,3 TB RAM
- Shared Memory architecture: A HP Integrity Superdome of 128 cores-CPU Itanium and 1,5 TB RAM.
2. Cloud Computing, storage and housing services in an advanced Data Center with all the appropriate environment and security conditions ensured.
3. Available spaces for R&D, innovation or technology activities

What are we looking for:
1) Companies or research institutions insterested in High Performance Computing or Cloud Computing Services
Companies interested in locating their
2) Industry or engineering companies interested on 3D using Ansys Engineering Modelling SaaS
3) Audiovisual Producers and digital content companies interested on remote 3D Rendering services
4) Companies interested in having an office in Murcia Science Park for R&D, innovation or technology activities

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Storage
    • ] Virtualisation
    • ] High-performance computing
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • ] IT services
    • ] Digital content


Mr José Guillén Mercader

Project Manager
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