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INMARK is a business and marketing consulting company based in Madrid and operating throughout Europe and Latin America. Established in 1977, INMARK has branches in 7 countries: Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. With more than 200 qualified staff members, including senior executives, consultants and researchers, INMARK delivers consultancy and management services to more than 400 clients, including international bodies, governments, large corporations, SMEs and Start-Ups.

INMARK collaborates with its clients to help them to improve their strategic management and competitive position within their markets, with specific reference to the development of their organisation and deployment of IT systems. INMARK core capabilities are Market Research & Assessment, Strategic Consultancy and Partnership Development. Committed to delivering innovation, INMARK has also a proven track record in ICT specialising in driving the process forward for successful technology transfer. Furthermore, INMARK delivers fieldwork, analytic and strategic market research studies for leading ICT industry analysts, covering the different market segments: hardware, software and services in IT and telecommunications (voice and data), digital media, channels of distribution, security, SOA and ICT in vertical markets (bank, insurance, e-Government, e-learning and health).

Since 1992, INMARK has been involved in more than 35 RTD projects co-financed by the European Commission in the field of ICT, under the EU RTD Framework Programmes as well as other programmes such as Innovation, Leonardo da Vinci, and eTEN. Along FP6 and FP7, INMARK has been the Co-ordinator of 4 Integrated Projects and 4 Support Actions, working together with other 68 partners coming from 25 different countries.

This specific experience in RTD project management and co-ordination has allowed INMARK to consolidate a robust team of Technicians and Project Managers and gained expertise in performing tasks related to the identification and seizure of opportunities arising from research and technological development outputs, the evaluation of commercial feasibility and, ultimately, the management of entire project life-cycles and their spin-offs.

Promoting opportunities for SMEs with the PROMISLingua Project

What we offer:
PROMISLingua is a Pilot Project co-funded by the European Commission (under the CIP-ICT- PSP program), which will deliver a multilingual solution enabling SMEs to comply with Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and other regulations at national, European and global level.
PROMISLingua ( is a pilot project that translates, localises and rolls out the existing 3-lingual (English, German and Italian) PROMISĀ® online service in additional six languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian and Hungarian, making use existing language technologies, like Machine Translation, new ways of structuring of content and cross text retrieval. PROMISĀ® is a highly intuitive, cost-efficient and easy-to-use integrated single entry point compliance management framework, which provides a full range of solutions for SMEs.

What are we looking for:
We are looking forward meeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially in the construction, maintenance, process manufacturing and food/beverage/retailing sectors, that need tailored business services to help them to comply with the challenging requirements of the complex regional, national and European Safety, Health, Environment and Quality regulations.
We offer to comment and show a demo of PROMISLingua Project Pilot solution as well as the possibility of participating in the pilot phase to test this solution.

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Ms Maria Eugenia Beltran Jaunsaras


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