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Program Systems Institute of RAS (Ailamazyan PSI RAS)

Petra I street, 4a
ZIP Code
Veskovo, Pereslavskiy area, Yaroslavskiy region
Russian Federation

Company Profile:
The Program Systems Institute of RAS is a leading Russian research institution in the realm of information technologies.
PSI RAS has a number of acknowledged achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing systems (supercomputers), regional telecommunication networks, and distributed information systems

ISIDA-T, natural language processing technology

What we offer:
ISIDA-T is a natural language processing technology that encompasses a number of tools for electronic text analysis: entity and fact identification, document classification and clustering, visualization of extracted information. We use a rule-based approach to information extraction along with statistics and linguistic analysis backed by a proprietary knowledge resource. Flexible customization and configuration tools are available. Identified objects and facts are classified and structured to enable further automated processing.

What are we looking for:
Looking for Universities, Academies, Research Institutes; Governmental and Public sector Organisations; Consulting Companies.
Looking for technical cooperation; science and research development; industrial agreement.


Mr Dmitry Kormalev

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