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Eneso Tecnología de Adaptación S.L.

Saint Exupéry, 20
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Company Profile:
Eneso is sited in Malaga, Spain, and develops solutions based in new technologies (hardware and software) for people with disabilities. Eneso participates in key and collaboration project as well.
Eneso developed EnPathia, that makes access to a computer simpler for people with reduced mobility. It is a peripheral that lets to work with a computer without a need to use the hands.
Some Eneso's products are under development: an adaptor of switches, a mouth switch and a new version of EnPathia.

Software and Hardware for people with disabilities

What we offer:
Eneso develops hardware and software producto for people with disabilities. The objetive is to develop funtional, affordable, simple-use and technically-advanced product.
Eneso is formed by professional experts in the fields of education, rehabilitation and engineering, who give the company a multidimensional point of view.
Eneso's main objective is to favor accessibility, in all its extent: physical, communication, education, work and entertainment. With this target in mind, Eneso develops solutions that aim to:
- Promote integration and normalization of people with disabilities, in their physical and social context.
- Ensure the adaptation to specific or special needs of handicapped people.
- Promote autonomy.
- Facilitate communication exchanges.
- Provide an easier access to education

What are we looking for:
For the eneso's products, partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

On the other hand, Eneso is seeking for projects to collaborate in, and custom projects commisioned by other companies.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • ] Processing Hardware
    • ] Open source


Mr Engineer Salvador Sancha Ros

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