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Institute of World history of RAS

Leninskiy prosp., 32a
ZIP Code
Russian Federation

Company Profile:
Institute of World history (RAS) is the leading institution in Russia in the field of historical research and studies. The institute’s specialists participate in various IT projects in education. They produce the media-content and electronical data-bases of the historical sources, which are useful for research and education in history.

Electronic scienсe-based and -educational magazine "History"

What we offer:
The Electronic scienсe-based and -educational magazine "History" is the project of the Institute of World history of the Russian Academy of Science. The aim of this resource is to form a new culture of scientific publications in the field of historical knowledge taking into account a modern level of development of communication-information technologies. Constructed on the basis of CMS-technologies, the Electronic magazine "History" allows not only to publish scientific articles in Internet, but also to adjust the interactive interaction among the researcher-edition-reader-researcher. Such possibilities allow to solve the problem of introduction of the results of fundamental scientific research on a qualitatively higher level.

What are we looking for:
Looking for Universities, Academies, Research Institutes, Governmental organisations.
For research and development, for FP 7- ICT Projects, for financing.


Mr Denis Fomin-Nilov fomin-nilov2011

Head of IT center
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